NFT Portfolio and Analytics

At datash we are convinced that data analysis is inevitable for educated investment decisions. We help you making data driven decisions on your NFT investments.

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Essential Features

Portfolio Overview

Add your wallet addresses and get an overview over all NFTs in your custody. 

NFT Analytics

Use our analytics tools to get insights on price development, trading history and price predictions on NFTs.

Customized Dashboard

Select only those analytics relevant for you and create your customized dashboard.

Export Data and Analytics

Utilize our services to export graphical visualisations of your NFT analytics and use our API to access structured NFT data.

Our Mission

The ecosystem of NFTs is currently wide-spread and unorganized. Our mission is to become a one-stop shop for NFT data analytics, data extraction and NFT portfolio overview.


Every blockchain is different, and so is getting access to the on-chain data. Starting with the Flow chain, we are making data for all popular NFT contracts easy accessible.


We are going to provide you with data driven analytics on NFTs by either customizable dashboards or an API access to fit your purpose.


datash empowers you to make smart investment decisions to achieve the desired result with your NFT portfolio.